Lectures for Engineering Computation and Data Science. Requirements: Google Chrome; Laptop

Lab 2 - Arrays, Objects, and Functions

Download and setup Onexi VSCode plugin.

Lecture 4 - JSON, Gov Data, Public APIs (No Visualization)

Preparation Material - JSON

JSON Basics
Walking Through JSON
JSON Debugging
City of Boston Employee Earnings Report
City of Boston Data

Mini Lecture

Mini Lecture 1
Mini Lecture 2

Active Learning


Lecture 6 - Visualization

Mini Lecture - Data & Charts

Google Charts - Boston City Data
Google Charts - Climate Data

Active Learning - Data & Charts -

Lecture 7 - Sensemaking

Mini Lecture - Node Basics, NPM, Course Catalog

Sensemaking - course catalog
node/npm basics

Active Learning - Fetch, Cheerio, RegEx, Map, Reduce

Exercises - course catalog
Exercises Solutions - course catalog

Lecture 8 - Geospatial - Spatial/Temporal Information

Preparation Material - Videos/Exercises

Map - Hello World
Basic Timers
Repeating Timer

Mini Lecture


Active Learning

Visualization, Geospatial, Real-Time Data

Lecture 9 - Non-Blocking, Async Computation

Preparation Material - Videos/Exercises


Mini Lecture

Node - Requests, Promises, and Commands
async, await, and promises

Active Learning

Lab 5 - Promise Land


Lecture 11 - Web Sockets, Connected Storage, REST APIs

Preparation Material - Videos

REST API Prototyping
REST API Prototyping - Data Generation

Active Learning

Exercise Solutions

Lecture 13 - K-Nearest Neighbors (kNN)

Mini Lecture

K-Nearest Neighbors

Active Learning

Exercise: Calculate Distance Between Points
Exercise: kNN

Lecture 16 - Hardware and Communication

Internet of Things
Sample Code

Lecture 17 - Representational State Transfer

Mini Lecture


Active Learning

Lecture 18 - Containers

Why do we care about containers?

Docker Fundamentals

Should everyone care about containers?

Fundamental Building Blocks of Modern Systems

Docker Commands

Useful docker commands


Docker "Hello World"
Docker Node Mongo

Mini Lecture


How To Install Docker on Ubuntu

Installation Instructions
Docker - NodeJS Hello World

More Docker Examples

NodeJS + Mongo
Python + Mongo

Active Learning