Assignments & Labs  

LAB: Setup & Configuration - Github Setup

Github Setup: Mac
Github Setup: PC

Homework 0 - Replicate the setup video - Submit your repo address

Due Monday Feb 11, before class

GitHub Setup

HW0 Submission Sheet

Homework 1 - Replicate the web publishing video - Submit your repo address

Due Monday Feb 18

Web publishing

HW1 Submission Sheet

Homework 4 - Storing Bus routes in Server and Display in HTML- Submit your repo address

Due Wednesday March 13

Storing Bus routes
HW4 Submission Sheet (create your own github repo and submit your repo link)

Term Project

Due Monday May 6, 2019
Term Project

Project Deliverable #1 Inclass Presentation

Due Wednesday April 10, 2019
Team and Project description

Project Deliverable #2 Video 01

Due Wednesday April 17, 2019 Before class
Video guidance
Video link submission