Abel Sanchez and John R. Williams

Commercial Platforms

Internet Mapping

Web Model


Browser Maps

Geospatial Web Innovation

  • A new model
  • An HTML Page
  • An image in a DIV
  • JavaScript¬†manipulating image
  • Dynamic image loading
  • Image¬†stitching

Maps Layers


Google Maps - JavaScript API

Latitude and Longitude

Latitude and Longitude

Map Hello World!

Map Hello World Leaflet!

Rich API

Google Maps JavaScript Reference

Maps Controls Data Overlays Services Geocoder Save to Google Maps Map Types Layers Street View Events Base MVC Geometry Library COM Library Panoramio Library Places Library Drawing Library Weather Library Visualization Library

Basic Map Types

  • MapTypeId.ROADMAP
  • MapTypeId.HYBRID
  • MapTypeId.TERRAIN

Active Learning

  • Create Map:
    Latitude: 38.889153
    Longitude: -77.050123
    Map type: hybrid
    Zoom: 18
    Where are you?

Map Markers

Active Learning

Add markers at:

Marker Shapes

See other shapes at: Predefined Symbols

Marker SVG

Active Learning

Add an SVG icon of your choice to the map, for example

Airplane SVG Icon

More svg icons at:

Active Learning: Simulation

click on zip image above

The End