Development Environment

Google Chrome, Sublime Text 3, plus plugins

Abel Sanchez and John R. Williams

You Need a Laptop

You Need Google Chrome

You Need Sublime Text 3

You Need Node.js

You Need JSHint

You install it using NPM
(see next slide)

Then Command for JSHint

You Need Package Control Plugin

Enter Super+Shift+P

You should see

You Need SublimeLinter

Use "Package Control: Install Package"

You Need SublimeLinter-jshint

Use "Package Control: Install Package"

You Need SublimeCodeIntel

Use "Package Control: Install Package"

Useful Shortcuts

  • Command prompt
    super + shift + P
  • Toggle sidebar
    super + KB
  • Quick-open files by name
    super + P
  • goto symbol
    super + R
  • goto line
    super + G

More Useful Shortcuts

  • Find
    super + F
  • Select next word
    super + D

Setup Dev Env Mac

Setup Dev Env Windows

Windows users: alternative approach

Follow link for zip, link

Shortcuts and Configs

Style Guide (reference)

JavaScript Reference

Themes (Optional)

Snippets (Optional)

Web Publishing

Make your www folder world viewable

fs sa www system:anyuser rl

Web Publishing

To enable directory listing:

1) Create a file if it doesn't already exist


2) add the line "Options +Indexes"

echo "Options +Indexes" >>