Engineering Computation

fundamentals of computational thinking and data science in engineering computation

Abel Sanchez and John R. Williams

The Beginning

Perfect Storm

~1994 Browsers

2004 First Web Apps

Very Complex

2004 W3C Vote

HTML5’s Birth

  • 2 days later …
  • Schism with W3C
  • WHATWG (web hypertext application technology working group)
  • All major browser vendors except IE

2004 W3C Vote

The New Virtual Machine

Firefox Growth


  • Browsers were believed to be fast enough
  • Heavy apps like Gmail, Google Maps, ran well
  • JavaScript was not perceived as a bottleneck
  • JavaScript too slow for heavy client side computation

V8 Design Goals

  • Optimize for the apps of the future
  • Support heavy client side computation
  • Transform browser into a scalable application platform
  • Enable a new class of web applications

Performance Leap

  • 2006 – 2013
    • JavaScript 100x faster
    • Heap sizes up and GC pauses down
    • Every generation improves
  • Not just V8
    • All major browsers
    • Mozilla, IE, Opera, Safari


Go to

Then use the lat/lon you found in:

Sample Applications


The Web Platform is the Insfrastructure of the World

JavaScript is Huge

Data Science

Internet Minute

Jet engine 10TB of data in 30 minutes

Internet of Things

Internet of Things


In Closing